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What People Are Saying

Customer Name: Testimonials

I first came to Renee in a place of confusion and frustration. I didn’t know why I couldn’t lose weight if I was “eating healthy” and exercising 4 times a week. I had lost about 40 lbs on my own, but everything had stalled, and I didn’t know what steps to take in order to continue my progress. Renee’s programs are straight forward and no-nonsense. As far a nutrition, there are no foods that are “bad” or “off limits,” and no strict diet plans. Renee has been so helpful and encouraging during what could have been an extremely stressful journey. Her goal is to make it fun, yet challenging. I’m excited to see what the future holds with Renee! She truly cares about helping you reach your personal goals while bettering your health, both physically and mentally.

Client - Jill

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